Company Profile


APB started out in 1965 as a general contractor specializing in industrial and power generation projects, and slowly became adept at building construction, which involves control over the many subcontract disciplines. In only the past 7 years, we have successfully completed almost 400 projects, which we believe demonstrates a high level of multiple project management. 

APB has developed a core group of highly experienced men and women, including foremen, superintendents, subcontractors, project coordinators, project engineers and project managers capable of estimating and managing a variety of government and private-sector projects. The management personnel have a tremendous amount of experience and understanding of Government contracting and, more specifically, an understanding of the means and methods used to successfully manage multiple small and medium size projects. APB currently manages multiple private and NAVFAC Hawaii construction contracts, which include new construction, maintenance, service, renovation, underground utilities, wastewater, industrial plants, power plant, and refinery work.